ABB launches new series of smart guided wave radars

By staff
28 June 19

Featuring the powerful LevelExpert™ algorithm, ABB’s new LWT300 series of instruments makes level measurement safer and easier, even in the most demanding conditions.

LWT300 series

With the launch of the new smart LWT300 series, ABB is eliminating the need for the high levels of technical expertise traditionally required to operate guided wave radars. Instead, the expertise has been embedded into the measurement device, making it easier and simpler to use. The result is optimized processes, improved productivity and increased safety for operations personnel.

The new LWT300 series, comprising LWT310 for liquids and LWT320 for solids level measurement, builds on the legacy of the MT5000 series of guided wave radars. Now including the powerful LevelExpert™ algorithm, it automatically differentiates between the actual measured level and false signals. Operators simply need to enter installation data and basic process conditions, and LevelExpert™ does the rest.

Baseline mapping and echo selection are no longer required as the LevelExpert™ cuts through the noise and automatically reports the right level. Readings carried out are therefore much more reliable. And because they are taken automatically, there is no longer any need for multiple manual adjustments by the operator.

Born out of 20 years of industrial level measurement experience, the new LWT300 series is designed to perform at temperatures up to 204 °C (400 °F), under process pressures reaching 207 bars (3000 psi), and to comply with the SIL2 certification for functional safety. This makes the measurement devices ideal for reliable use in a wide range of applications including industries where safety is a priority such as oil and gas; petrochemical; chemical; power generation; water and wastewater; and pulp and paper.

The new guided wave radar level transmitters are manufactured at the ABB Measurement & Analytics factory in Québec City, Canada.

LWT series guided wave radar with LevelExpert: the expert inside

ABB LWT310 demo kit tutorial (video)

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